Brand Concept

“With this collection, we developed manufacturing while creating designs. There’s no way to avoid some wastes during processing design and cut, but we re-construct through whole new vision with unused, wasted pattern pieces. This is a different method of design, important feature to PARTsPARTs and our way of work.”

Designer IMSEONOC launched PARTsPARTs with ‘Create ZERO WASTE’ concept in 2011. “PARTsPARTs” is named from the word ‘Part’, meaning the idea of division, and add ‘S’ into it in order to express the sum of all parts. ART is from creating fashion more significantly from exceeding the area of fashion design to various genres of art.

We create our own design method using only one material to eliminate the wastes from manufacturing system and also developed our own adhesion technique through dissolving and combining activity to design the whole making process putting PARTsPARTs’ unique brand identity.

We're only selling to the U.S. at the time.